Am I a Zefron or Franco (Dave)?


Before I write this post, I must preface it with a major SPOILER ALERT. If you plan to see ‘Neighbors’ and don’t want to be privy to any story lines, stop reading NOW (or after you heart this post). Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

SPOILER ALERT (just in case that 1st paragraph was too wordy).

After what’s seemed like the longest week ever, I walked through my door after seeing Neighbors with my girls last night and thought, “Am I a Zefron or a Franco (Dave)?” If you’ve seen Neighbors, you (hopefully) understand where I’m about to go here.

Though Zac Efron and Dave Franco both play frat boys, their characters couldn’t be more different. Zac’s Teddy is the stereotypical slacker frat brother who lives and dies by the Greek letters tattooed on his bicep. Dave’s Pete on the other hand knows that there is life outside of Greek life, especially in the post-grad world. Focused on his future, he’s done his homework to become an architect once he graduates. Teddy on the other hand has to resort to selling his body, so to speak, as an Abercrombie greeter (a perfectly respectable job for you fellas with Zefron-like abage). He realizes he should have applied himself more when he had the chance instead of now having to take night classes.

Now back to my question.

Am I a Zefron or a Franco (Dave)?

When I was in school I was definitely a Franco. I knew what I wanted to do and I was driven to achieve my dream job. Just a little over a year after graduation I got my dream job then realized it wasn’t that brilliant after all. Now I’m in some sort of quarterlife limbo. I’m no longer doing what was once my dream job, and I’m trying to figure out what’s next for me. I studied communications and do truly love that field; I’m just trying to figure out where that industry is headed and where my place is in it. So I guess for the moment you could say I’m a motivated Franco on the lookout for my future, and every now and then I have my Zefron “what am I doing with my life” moments.

Where do you stand in this great debate? Are you a Zefron or a Franco (Dave)?

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